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Proyojana’s Business Performance Solutions for the enterprise comprise a combination of pure business process consulting interventions, followed by a supporting IT intervention to provide sustainable and scalable solution that addresses the root-cause of the business problem, while ensuring that the realigned strategy is future-proof. Consulting team of Proyojana are experts in their specific domains with several years of experience in enterprise application development or in complex implementations.

Unlike other consulting firms, Proyojana does not stop with just suggesting transformation- strategies for your enterprises, but also helps implementing them by architecting and building the solutions and supports through the transformation journey.    With enhanced business performance as the key outcome in all its assignments, Proyojana measures the key success factors before and after the process-transformation / IT intervention to audit and ensure the success of the transformation initiative. Proyojana further equips and enables enterprises to continuously improve and fine-tune the strategy in order to meet their business goals.

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xtempore Xtempore is a revolutionary web-based integrated-publishing-platform that enables authors, publishers and publishing service providers from across the world to collaborate in real-time, provides real-time previews in print, web, mobile formats through different stages of publishing workflow, and helps reducing the publishing cycle time and costs by more than 50%.


Xlentia is the first-ever comprehensive People Capital Management solution that integrates enterprise-wide Balanced Scorecard implementation and seamlessly aligns every BU and employee goals with broader enterprise vision. Xlentia comprehensively covers complete journey of an employee from hire to retire, providing automated workflows for every step of employee-employer interfaces through the complete employment life-cycle.

A new paradigm solution that helps unshackle the latent potential within the enterprise, as it aligns each and every employee to company’s vision and goals, which clearly translates into enhanced enterprise performance.

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